The Beginning of Something Special

It was spring of 2010 and Lindsey Moceri was training for a half marathon. Being the dedicated athlete that she is, Lindsey followed a step-by-step training plan. However, she came across a bump in the road. She was supposed to participate in an organized 5K one weekend but due to her work schedule she was unable to attend Saturday events. In a huff Lindsey decided to organize her own 5K.

Inviting only friends and family, approximately thirty people attended this impromptu event. Not only was she astonished by the turnout but there were people slightly upset that they weren't invited to the 5K. Following discussions about the surprising number of participants, a light bulb moment occurred: to charge a few dollars next time and raise money for a local charity. The idea brewed for a few months and the possibility of forming a non profit started to seem realistic.

During the fall of 2010, impulsive husband Tony Moceri, and impulsive friend Abe Thalhofer, decided to donate cash to have a lawyer create the organization. With the cutting of a check and a couple of signatures the VZ Foundation was born. Tony, Abe and their supportive wives had no clue what would happen next. However, they did know it would be something special, something that would change lives and change the community. 


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