VZ Foundation Basketball Tournament Rules | Download Rules

This tournament is organized for the primary focus of preseason play, skill development, fitness, teamwork, fair play, and sportsmanship. Please keep these concepts in mind at all times!
Official playing rules are the National Federation of High School Associations, with the following noted or added exceptions:
  1. All Competitive Divisions - Full court pressing and zones allowed. No full court pressing allowed if ahead by 20 or more points.
  2. All Recreational Divisions - Zone defenses allowed, but no full court pressing, except the last 2 minutes of each half.
    Note: In all divisions, when full court pressing is allowed (i.e. see rules above), a penalty for illegal defense (i.e. full court pressing) is 1 point and possession of the ball. A referee need not warn a team before penalizing.
  3. A regulation game is two 20-minute RUNNING CLOCK halves. Clock stops in the last minute of each half on every whistle. Clock will also stop on every timeout. Clock does not stop on free throws unless in the last minute.The first overtime is 3 minutes of the first team to gain a 4-point lead. The second overtime is a "Sudden Victory" format, with the first team to score being declared the winner. Both overtime periods start with a jump ball.
  4. Each team is to provide one person to run the score clock or official book.
  5. Halftime will be 4 minutes in length
  6. CLOSELY GUARDED: NFHS uses a closely guarded 5 second count in the frontcourt when Holding or Dribbling the ball.
  7. Barring injury/sickness or penalty, all players should play a minimum of 15 minutes each game. Coaches are responsible to monitor playing times of players.
  8. Technical fouls are two points and possession of the ball. Two "T's" on the same player or coach will result in an ejection from that game and the next scheduled game. Three technical fouls for a team in the tournament are grounds for suspension of entire team from tournament play. Fighting is an automatic ejection.
    Note: A Technical Foul on a player will count as a personal foul and count towards the team total. A Coach/Bench Technical Foul will also count as a team foul (NFHS Rules).
  9. If a player fouls out, causing his/her team to have less than 5 eligible players, the disqualified player may continue to play. However, each subsequent foul on that player will be an automatic two points for the opposing team (NO SIDE OUT), as well as administering any free throws for the personal foul.
  10. Substitutes must report tot he official scorer and be motioned into the game by an official during a dead ball.
  11. Teams are provided 1 (one minute) time out per half. An additional time out will be granted for each overtime period. Time outs cannot be carried over from the half and the overtime periods.
  12. Teams will be in the bonus and shoot 1-and-1 foul shots after the 7th team foul of each half. Teams will be awarded 2 shots on and beyond the 10th team foul of each half. Technical fouls are counted as team fouls.
  13. Free Throw Lane Administration - Marked lane spaces may be occupied by an maximum of four defensive and two offensive players. The fourth spaces (nearest the Base Line) shall not be occupied and are not considered marked lane spaces.
  14. Players may play on only one VZ Foundation tournament team, regardless of division of play.
  15. Teams may start a game with 4 players.
  16. Coaches are responsible for the actions and conduct of their players and spectators.
    Negative remarks and suggestions towards officials will not be tolerated.
  17. Players are encouraged to have same colored, numbered jerseys.
    Please: Wear only clean shoes to the gym for games.



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